Statistics Faculty

Bo Li

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Statistics
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 101 Illini Hall
  • 725 S. Wright St.
  • Champaign, IL 61820 USA
  • (217) 333-2167
  • Website
  • Educational Background

  • PhD, Statistics, Texas A&M University, 2006
  • Research Interests

  • Spatio-temporal modeling
  • Bayesian hierarchical modeling
  • Large-scale data in climatology, atmospheric and environmental science
  • Public health studies including childhood cancer and human morbidity
  • Recent Publications

    Li, B., Zhang, X. and Smerdon, J., Comparison between spatio-temporal random processes and application to climate model data, Environmetrics, In press.

    Tingley, M., Craigmile, P., Haran, M., Li, B., Mannshardt, E. and Rajaratnam, B. On discriminating between GCM forcing congurations using Bayesian reconstructions of Late Holocene temperatures, Journal of Climate, In press.

    Choi, I., Li, B., Zhang, H. and Li, Y. Modeling space-time varying ENSO teleconnections to droughts in North America (2015), STAT, Vol. 4, 140-156.

    Auffhamer, M., Li, B., Wright, B. and Yoo, S. J., Specification and estimation of the transfer function in paleoclimate reconstructions (2015), Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Vol. 22, 105-126.

    Barboza, L., Li, B., Tingely, M. and Viens, F., Reconstructing past climate from natural proxies and estimated climate forcings using short- and long-memory models (2014), Annals of Applied Statistics, Vol. 8, 1966-2001.

    Halfacre, J. W., Knepp, T. N., Shepson, P. B., Thompson, C. R., Pratt, K. A., Li, B., Peterson, P. K., Walsh, S. J., Simpson, W. R., Matrai, P. A., Bottenheim, J. W., Netcheva, S., Perovich, D. K., Richter, A., Temporal and spatial characteristics of ozone depletion events from measurements in the Arctic (2014), Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Vol. 14, 4875-4894.

    Zhang, X., Li, B. and Shao, X., A self-normalized approach to inference for spatial data (2014), Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Vol. 41, 311-324.

    Choi, I., Li, B. and Wang, X., Nonparametric estimation of space-time covariance function (2013), Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, Vol 18, 611-630.

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