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Walter Philipp


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Vienna, 1960

> Research Interests

  • Limit theory for dependent random variables

  • Probability on Banach spaces

  • Empirical processes

  • Probabilistic number theory

  • Bell's theorem in Quantum Mechanics

  • > Honors and Appointments
  • Associate of the Beckman Institute

  • Correspondent, Austrian Academy of Sciences

  • Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

  • > Some Recent Publications
  • The profound impact of Paul Erdős on probability limit theory — A personal account, Paul Erdős and his Mathematics I, pp. 549-566, Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies 11, Budapest (2002).

  • Pair correlations and U-statistics for independent and weakly dependent random variables, Illinois J. Math, vol. 45, 559-580 (2001) (with I. Berkes and R. Tichy).

  • Empirical process techniques for dependent data, in Empirical Process Techniques for Dependent Data pp. 3- 113, Birkhauser (2002) (Dehling, Mikesch, Sørensen, ed.) (with H. Dehling).

  • A possible loophole in the theorem of Bell, PNAS vol. 98, 14224-14227 (2001) (with Karl Hess).

  • Bell's theorem and the problem of decidability between the views of Einstein and Bohr, PNAS, vol. 98, 14228-14233 (2001) (with Karl Hess).

  • Exclusion of time in the theorem of Bell, Europhysics Letters vol. 57, pp. 775-781 (2002) (with Karl Hess).

  • Time and setting dependent instrument parameters and proofs of Bell-type inequalities, PNAS, 2003. (with Karl Hess) (to appear).

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