MS Concentration in Applied Statistics

The Applied MS in Statistics is intended for students pursuing doctoral degrees in other fields who wish to enhance their statistical knowledge and credentials by obtaining a degree in Statistics in addition to their primary field of study. Admission to this program requires that you have been admitted for PhD studies in another field at the University of Illinois.

A total of nine courses, constituting 36 graduate credit hours, are required for the Applied MS degree with specialization. At least 12 credit hours must be taken at the 500 level. Students wishing information beyond that provided here should contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Statistics.

During your course of study for the Applied MS in Statistics you must transfer temporarily to the Department of Statistics for at least one semester. After satisfying this requirement you then transfer back to your primary degree program.

Fall applications for Spring admission are accepted until September 15 at 11:59pm EST each year. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Transfers shall be completed during the application process for the spring semester.

Submitting Application Material

The University of Illinois uses the "Apply Yourself" online application system. To use this system, follow the directions at

There is a nonrefundable application fee. Please see the Graduate Application Instructions for current application fees for domestic and international applicants.

The Department of Statistics requires applicants to supply Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for the GRE General Test in order to be considered. The GRE Subject Test in Mathematics is not required but is very helpful. Official scores should be mailed to the University so as to reach the Department of Statistics before the application deadline. Information about the Graduate Record Examination can be found at their website,


Curriculum Requirements in Statistics

4 courses / 16 credit hours

Course Requirements in Primary Field of Study

5 courses / 20 credit hours

In addition to the core Statistics courses selected above, 5 additional graduate courses equaling 20 credit hours must be completed in your primary field in an area relevant to the field of Statistics. The approved primary field of study courses are as follows:
ANSC 445, ANSC 545, ANSC 542, CPSC 541, BIOE 540, BIOE 505, BADM 575, CHLH 527, CHLH 578, CS 412, CS 440, CS 446, CS 450, CS 457, CS 512, ECON 574, ECON 575, ECON 576, ECON 577, ECON 504, ECON 532, ECON 535, ECON 536, EPSY 589, EPSY 585, EPSY 586, EPSY 584, ECE 513, ECE 534, ECE 543, ECE 549, ECE 563. GE 550, GEOG 570, HDFS 592, IE 400, IE 410, IE 413, IE 431, IE 515, IE 521, IE 522, IE 525, IE 526, IE 528, IE 529, IE 530, IE 531, IE 532, IE 533, INFO 490, LIS 542, MATH 471, MATH 472, MATH 476, MATH 478, MATH 479, MATH 565, MATH 567, MATH 568, MATH 569, NRES 593, PATH 528, PATH 560, PATH 591, PS 532, SOC 488, SOC 581, SOC 582.